Saturday, October 11, 2014

first 3 days

Haven't really been writing. I've had alot on my mind and A LOT of work to get done for this placement. 
My first day I basically observed just to get a feel of the schedule, how the kids (children we aren't talking about baby goats here) were. I didn't do an introduction activity. So there hasn't been a great connection between the students and I. I always seem to attract the students who act out. They are attached to me at this point.
I have been working with 2 students who recently came to this school from their country. They do speak English but very little, they are still warming up.
After the first three days I take back the fact of thinking that this wasn't for me. I'm really enjoying being in this class and I think i can be a teacher. I knew it wasn't all as bad as i thought. 
Student teaching in another district is another world. between teachers, students, faculty and the way the school is run (atmosphere) Everything seems a little better on the "other side of the fence.
 I was only able to do a few activities this week with the students I worked with. I am in charge of the 2nd graders. with the student who just came from his country I used the reading tower. We went through reading site words and as he read, he stacked the words. He really enjoyed this game and felt that the entire time he was in this room he needed to play a game. The next time I use scrabble slam cards. We went through each letter, pronounced the letter with the sound it made. This went alright, he has some trouble with them. We also went through school words.
The second grade had a fun time playing Roll-A-Story. I really need to make a way to introduce this activity better. Sometimes I get carried away with activities and I don't teach before hand, making it difficult for the students to understand the point of the whole activity. I need to work on this, along with classroom Management. 
Next week is a new week...

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