Saturday, October 11, 2014

First full week...

... or so i thought.
I was sick on Monday. Yup. these children and their germs. EW!
I went into school and told the teachers I was sick. They basically told me to go home. Rest up and come back, we can't afford to get sick!
I came back the next day in the afternoon. had to do the half day thing. I'm glad I did. I was able to stick it out the rest of the week. 
I went through lesson after lesson of adjectives with my class. I basically tried to teach them, reinforce the lesson then assess the topic. By the end of the week, after the class left i literally said to the teach i work with "please help me, i need help!" I felt that everything i did  wasn't working. 
I came to the conclusion that i was putting too much into 36 minutes. Plus i had to do more model/ together work than group work.
This week I also ran into a behavior management problem. one of my students was becoming a little too comfortable in the class. the beginning of the week started off with "I want to play a game" We would say no we need to finish our work first. then came the rebellion. "No I don't want to." That was it. The copying off of other students began and just laughing at our statements instead of actually doing what he was told. I had it. It made me super frustrated. I came up with a behavior management chart that he can follow. I will try it next week to see what happens.
Pushing into another class was never an issue for me. But when students are just loud at the end of the day I just get a little worked up. since it isn't my class, I can't really do that much about it. it just brought me back to my days of subbing. All three of them!
This week reminded me of how I can live without teaching, Sometimes I like it. But most of the time I like the idea of it (planning, being creative...) more than actually doing it.
This scares me about my future. It makes the Civil Service Exam for Case Worker more important than it really should be.
I have 3 days left. A long 3 day weekend ahead of me with lesson planning, catching up on discussions for the online class and cooking and cleaning of course!

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